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His story

Dieses Thema im Forum "Gesellschaft und Politik" wurde erstellt von bow35, 3. April 2010.

  1. bow35

    bow35 Neues Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    3. April 2010
    Rigth now I'm in the state of mind where I'm only concerned about what seems to be rigth, without any concern about self. Ego is not present at this moment.

    This kind of moment is the most efficient kind of moment there is.

    Just now I was talking to other sourses. You can call me telepathic.

    We were "talking" about a movie called: his story

    It began wuth a lightning very much like in the bible or like big bang.

    Then I saw Moses. He was black and had five dredds. He had ten fingers and ten toes and thus his number was twenty.

    Then I saw Siddharta Gautama known as Buddha. He was a small child smiling a wise and humble smile and nature was beautifully in harmony around him.

    And I saw him searching for world redempion thrue asketic dicipline.

    And I saw him at last sitting under a tree smiling once again, happy as can be.

    Then I saw Palestina and the jewish, rigth in the center of the world. And I thougth to myself: When are thoose fanatics that call themselfs jews and muslims gonna stop.

    Thoose two beautiful people. Jews, wise and talanted. Muslims, strong and colorful.

    The conflict of jews and muslins has turned into a global issue. The white man has put Israel i the middle east and so called muslim fundamentalists har become known as the terrorist when killing innocent people by blowing himself and others into pices with explosives. And thus: In Babylon muslims are the enemy .

    And the white man went to Africa. He took what wasn't his. Brougth the african to be a slave in America. What he didn't know has that this whould leed to Jazz and so on.

    And so on?
    Marcus Jarvey. Malcom X. Martin Luther King. Bob Marley...

    Some are cool runnin', some are militant.

    The conflict of black and white is now finaly comming clooser to a rest.

    Today the conflict is Babylon vs. muslims.

    What is Babylon?

    Babylon is a global community wich is afraid of the different. They agree on what is right and what is wrong and feel strong together.

    But in Babylon there are diceeses. Alcoholisn and women and child abuse. For an adult to have sex with a child for an example, Babylone has agreed is wrong.

    And if you are such a pedophil then hare is what you will recive from everyone.

    I once met a girl in a cloosed psyciatric institution. I emediatly liked her. She was proud and beautifull. I fell in love and tried to win her heart. She accepted me as her friend and she told me that her father had had sex with her. She told me about the situation her father was in now after she had told about it. I pittied her and took a stand against her father. Since then she never talked to me again. I remember the dissapointment in her eyes looking at me.

    Much later I understood that I had been just another Babylonian to her, trying to victimize her and trying to make her father out to be the enemy.

    So my conclution today looking back is that the concept of pedophilism is just as much a dicese of Babylon as of the perpetrator.

    So. just be a brotherman and don't judge noone.

    Incase of a human predator that kidnaps, rapes and kills a child I can only hope God has a place in heaven for this child and that the laws of nature will take care of the predator.

    So what can one do to make a better world and prevent tragedy?

    If we let go of the Babylon concept and look at human beeings and family we see that we live in generations.

    A critical institution for the communication of two generations is school. In school and family respect is a mutual nessesity. The number one problem today is that the adult generation doesn't know who they are. And how shall the children respect figures that hasn't come to even with themselfs.

    I sometimes wish God whould give the adult generation of today some extra time to find themselfs. I belive every grown up has to reach his/her personal enlightment.

    Be aware thou that just sitting smooking ganja and listening to Pink floyd or such won't take you there. There is a reality that one has to be ready to confront.

    So, if I bushdoctor whould describe a recipie for the babylonian, I say: Search inwards, facing outwards.

    And as allways, when you try to be clever you'll allways end up in a paradox.

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