Urgent Help for Tsunami Affected Areas


Neues Mitglied
8. Juli 2004
Ich denke, jegliche Worte vom mir eruebrigen sich...

"Dear Fellow Pranic Healers,

We are all saddened by the unfortunate events that recently
occurred in South East Asia.

Let us do our share as students of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui and
the Great Ones, who are embodiments of Divine Mercy and

We suggest the following:
~ Energetically
A. Do Meditation 2 times a day, if possible, and focus
specifically on the 12 countries affected.
1. Gather Together for Meditation. Try to get at least 3 people
together, if possible.
2. Do the I AM Affirmation
3. Affirm : “We are one with all the Pranic Healers and
Spiritual Practitioners in the World” . This is to form a bigger
channel for the Energy to flow through and the effect is
4. Do Meditation: Either Meditation on Twin Hearts CD, Wesak
Festival Meditation CD, or Loving Kindness Meditation (in Om
Mani Padme Hum book by GrandMaster Choa).

B. At night, when your body goes to sleep make an affirmation
that you, as a Soul, are willing and able to do as much healing
and compassionate work in the Inner Worlds while your body
sleeps. The next morning be sure to take a salt bath or shower
and cut cords.

We suggest donating to Organizations that offer relief or
funding to the ravaged areas. These include:
MCKS Charitable Foundation
American Red Cross – International Response Fund
Doctors Without Borders
Also donate to those organizations you may know of that offer
relief to areas where disasters have occurred.

At this time death tolls continue to rise and estimates are at:
Sri Lanka: 18,031
India: At least 9,500
Indonesia: More than 4,731 (Estimate expected to rise sharply.)
Thailand: 1,
Myanmar: 90
Malaysia: 65
Maldives: 46
Tanzania: 10
Bangladesh: 2
Somalia: Kenyan media reports hundreds dead
Kenya: Kenyan media reports one death
Seychelles: Unconfirmed reports of deaths

Let us not wait for our Beloved Teacher to prompt us to do
something that we as disciples should take initiative to do in
the first place.

As we say The Lord’s Prayer, as taught by our Beloved Teacher,
we are reminded that when we pray the first verse “Our Father”
we are all children of God, children of the Most High. All these
people that are suffering are our spiritual brothers and
sisters. Let’s put into practice what we have learned by giving
and sharing of our time, money and resources in alleviating the
pain and suffering of those in need.

Atma Namaste to All.

In the Eternal Service of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui and the
Spiritual Elders,
master stephen co