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Einladung zum Chakra Healing Workshop

Dieses Thema im Forum "Angebote" wurde erstellt von farbe1001, 11. Januar 2010.

  1. farbe1001

    farbe1001 Neues Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    20. Dezember 2009
    ich wollte ihnen einladen zum workshop über heilung und pendel benutzen.
    hier ist die nachrichten:

    Chakra Healing Workshop

    Writer, healer and fine artist, Alejandro Villena, will be giving a "Chakra Healing and Dowsing Workshop" where he will introduce us to the developing of our latent healing and self healing capabilities, he will share also about how to become aware of these inherent abilities and how to awaken them.

    He will also tell us about the invisible side of reality: the realm of energies and natural beings, the world of angels and demons. And at the same time, influenced by this invisible dimension, the human being, who is both a biological and energetic being, a real God in his world, with the capacity of manifesting the most sublime qualities through the divine spark which is in all of our hearts...

    Main Topics
    The Awakening of the Inner God
    The Invisible and Visible World
    Chakra´s Healing Basics
    Using the Pendulum
    The Chakra System and how they works
    Looking in The Chakras for Imbalances and how to heal them
    Looking at Geopathic places
    Meditation works for protection, to healing, to connect with the world of the angels

    Alejandro Villena
    A fine artist, writer and healer. He learned in Bolivia.
    After a strong spiritual experience he embarked on a journey of Healing and Art.
    He describes his profound experiences with Angels and spirits of nature in his book "The Invisible World".
    Currently he lives in Austria and travels across Europe giving workshops, healing and exhibiting his art.
    His Exhibition, "The Andenkalender" (also a book), is dedicated to the theme of healing a well as finding and manifesting the Inner God.
    He also provides healing to people who want to quit smoking and helps to resolve other spiritual problems.

    Date: Sunday 17th January, 11 am

    Duration: 6 hrs. Snack included.

    Cost: € 100.-

    Skype: farbe_1001

    Blog and contact:
  2. TheEngineer

    TheEngineer Neues Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    19. November 2009
    ....was heisst Scharlatan eigentlich auf Englisch?
  3. farbe1001

    farbe1001 Neues Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    20. Dezember 2009
    Engineer, is not intelligent prejudge without knowing...
    sorry, are u intelligent?
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