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Dieses Thema im Forum "Musik" wurde erstellt von Dancefloor-Princess, 15. Februar 2008.

  1. Werbung:
    Was sind eure Lieblingslyrics/Textstellen eines Songs?

    Ich fang mal an..

    Sometimes goodbye - though it hurts in your heart -
    is the only way for destiny.
    sometimes goodbye - though it hurts -
    is the only way now for you and me.
    Though it's the hardest thing to say,
    I'll miss your love in every day.
    So say goodbye.
    But don't you cry.
    Cause true love never dies.

    Schön oder?
    Von S Club 7. is zwar so ne ehemalige Teenie-Band ^^ aber das Lied is voll schööön. =( ​

  2. FIST

    FIST Neues Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    16. Februar 2004

    Venus in Furs von VU, vorallem der Refrain ist ein Meisterwerk, was Lyrik anbelangt

    und Statement Pur natürlich Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubs Whatever happened to my Rock´n´Roll


  3. Don't let your head hang down, child.
    Walk your walk and stand up tall.
    The weather might not stay this mild.
    'Cause Jah is changing all.
    This earth is changing faces
    for Babylon must fall (Babylon must fall),
    no more hiding places
    for Jah is changing all.

    ----> Söhne Mannheims​
  4. every soldier has to fight (they told me so)
    every soldier has to fight (that's what you should know)
    many of the men will die
    and I pray to God to be safe
    many of the men will die
    and I don't want you at my grave


    I'm waiting here for your soon return
    the death's a flame, please don't let it burn
    you want to see your son next to me
    I hope and wish that we are soon safe and free

  5. 5teve23

    5teve23 Aktives Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    23. Februar 2006
    don't worry - beeeee happy!

  6. Werbung:
    Always saying 'Little girl, don’t step into the club.'
    Well I’m just tryin’ to find out why, cause dancing’s what I love. :clown:
  7. Angel of hope

    Angel of hope Aktives Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    27. Dezember 2006
    You just call out my name
    and you know where ever I am,
    I'll come running to see you again.
    Winter, spring, summer or fall,
    all you have to do is call
    and I'll be there,
    you've got a friend.

    text und Musik sind von Carol King, einer meiner Lieblingssängerinnen und dieses Lied finde ich wunderschön.

  8. stimmt, sehr schönes Lied!!!
  9. I'm not sad for you,
    but I'm sad for all the time I had to waste,
    'cause I learned the truth.
    Your heart is in a place I no longer wanna be.
    I knew there'd come a day I'd set you free, 'cause
    I'm sick and tired
    of always being sick and tired!

    No warning of such a sad song
    of broken hearts.
    My dreams of fairy tales and fantasies were torn apart.
    I lost my piece of mind somewhere along the way.
    I knew there'd come a time you'd hear me say:
    I am sick and tired
    of always being sick and tired!

  10. kammamamachen

    kammamamachen Aktives Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    19. Oktober 2007
    Mein absoluter lieblingstext von lauren hill...

    See the road to hell, is paved with good intentions
    Can't you tell, the way they have to mention
    How they helped you out, you're such a hopeless victim
    Please don't do me any favors, Mr. Intentional
    All their talk, is seasoned to perfection
    The road they walk, commanding your affection
    They need to be needed, deceived by motivation
    An opportunity, to further situation
    Why they so important, is without explanation
    Please don't patrionize me, Mr. Intentional

    We give rise to ego, by being insecure
    The advice that we go, desperatly searching for
    The subconscious effort, to support our paramour
    To engage in denial, to admit we're immature
    Validating lies, Mr. Intentional
    Open up yours eyes, Mr. Intentional
    Stuck in a system, that seeks to suck your blood
    Held emotionally hostage, by what everybody does
    Counting all the money, that you give them just because
    Exploiting ignorance, in the name of love
    Stop before you drop because that's just the way it was
    Please don't justify me, Mr. Intentional
    undementional, Mr. Intentional
    don't you do me any favors

    Wake up you've been sleeping
    Take up your bed and walk
    Stop blaming other people
    Oh it's nobody else's fault
    Except the truth about you
    You know that life goes on without you
    And your expensive misinventions
    Disguising your intentions
    Don't worship my hurt feelings, Mr. Intentional

    See I know you can't help me, Mr. Intentional
    The only help I need to live, is unprofessional
    The only wealth I have to give, is not material
    And if you need much more than that, I'm not available
    Please don't entertain me, Mr. Intentional
    Oh I dont need your sympthy, Mr. Intentional
    Stay away from me, Mr. Intentional
    So undementional, Mr. Promotional, Mr. Emotional, Mr. Intentional

    P.S.:wenn ich nicht wüsste das es von lauren hill ist hätte ich beim ersten hören schwören können das ich den geschrieben habe lol ;)

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