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(:Amness:) - Underskin - Interview

Dieses Thema im Forum "Musik" wurde erstellt von FIST, 19. Oktober 2008.

  1. FIST

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    16. Februar 2004
    Hi ihrsens

    wie Dada und ein paar andere schon feststellen durften, hype ich gerne Musiker, die ihr Ding selber drehen, also Leuts die ihren Arsch hochkriegen und was tun. Ich mag das wirklich :)

    Und darum ist es nu an der Zeit Amness und sein/ihr Album Underskin zu hypen..


    Nun einfach deswegen: Underskin ist mitunter das beste Post-Grunge/Grunge/Noiserock Album dass ich seit langem gehört hab, das sogar schon knapp davor steht, ein Konzeptalbum zu sein. SChöne Musik, gut Produziert, Groovy, Deep, halt alles was dazugehört... das Rockt einfach das Teil... Umsomehr war ich überrascht, dass das eine One-Man Show is, unterstützt von ein paar Freunden... Das Rulz noch viel mehr...

    Erfreulich daran ist auch noch

    1. Das Album ist kostenlos
    und 2. Ich hab ein Interview mit Amness führen können, und dass - könnt ihr hier nun lesen (leider nur auf Englisch - ich hab Hilfe gekriegt beim Fragen auf Englisch übersetzen, aber nicht beim zurück ins Deutsch übersetzen... aber wenn hier jemand Englisch kann... Bitte, tut euch keinen Zwang an und übersetzt ;) )

    Also das Interview

    Tell us something about :)amness:)

    > Amness is my solo project involving now and then a few friends (writers,
    singers, musicians).
    After taking part in several bands, I wanted to make my own music in
    order to achieve exactly what I wanted, without any compromise.

    * I really like your album “underskin”. What does it mean to you? How do you recordet it? How does it develop and what are your musical influences?

    > All the lyrics from "Underskin" express our inner wounds and doubts. It
    is a sort of introspection and self-mockery.
    The recording took place in my makeshift home studio. A PC for recording
    the sounds, the mixing and the mastering with Nuendo and Waveslab.
    A Cort guitar (M600), a YAMAHA bass guitar, an old
    acoustic guitar all plugged into a line 6 POD and a VOX AD50VT amp.
    The drums were created from an electronic pad plugged into a sampler
    including the sounds of acoustic drums.
    And for the singing a SHURE BETA 57.
    My musical influences: Sonic Youth, Pixies, Led Zep, NIN, Nirvana, Fugazy, Sleeppers, Perfect Circle, Rage Against The Machine, Blood Red Shoes, The Kills... and more...

    * Why did you publish your album at Jamendo for free?

    > Jamendo is an amazing opportunity for musicians like me. It's a good way
    to emerge from our obscurity. I like the idea of sharing, being listened
    to and receiving comments on my work.

    * The music industry is in a crisis because the Internet and his possibilities are undervalued.
    You publish your album above the internet. What chances do you see for the music industry above the internet, especially for you?

    > I don't think the internet is responsible for the music crisis. The labels were doomed the day they started to impose commercial music on their audience. The internet is doing the exact opposite. The musicians and the public have found there what they were looking for. As far as I am concerned, I'm all for free access to music on the net. As for the artists' payment, I think those who make money from music, directly or indirectly, (the ISPs, the mobile phone companies) have to make up for the artists' loss of earnings.
    One thing is certain, without the web, only my friends could listen to my music.

    * What are your plans for the future?

    > I do not have any plans indeed. I just want to go on writing as much as possible, give pleasure to those who are interested in my work.

    *and one last question which is really important. Are there any chances to see you live?

    > I did many gigs with several bands and I'm dying for touring again but no concerts have been scheduled so far.
    I need musicians (bass, drums and a second guitar). Obviously, playing live is the ultimate accomplishment. But I want it to be perfect, that's why I need some time to find the right persons.

    und http://www.jamendo.com/de/album/31410 hier gehts zum Album :)

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