We fucked up let us in the club
One of y'all niggaz gon catch a slug
I'm so drunk I could hurl for a month
Any nigga pop shit go to the trunk
D12 start shit nigga come get us
7 Mile run in wild niggaz wit us
Cause all my niggaz is talking that shit
And got no problem wit smacking no bitch
I'll have my wife cut your throat
Blunts - gans that's all we smoke
Wile the fuck out stab you wit a knife
It's D12 nigga we ready to fucking fight!
:angry2: :banane: :banane: :banane: :banane:
kot! :escape:
I got love for my homeys
but no get through me

until God send me Angels
and Yoga came into my visual ranges

than all changes

, macht mal einer ein echt coolen Yoga freestyle rap, wär doch nett

Ich hab nichts drauf was das angeht

Until the end of Time
got love for Pac

his spirit, touches me every day

in another way, to pass stress, now I got to pay

but thats the way it is