Hall of Records: Sternbilder Deciphered from the Bible


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14. Oktober 2003

The Records from the Hall of Records are like records: round, concentric and stuffed with data. The medium is the Torah, the smallest element of information is the hebrew word, the storage method is the traditional hebrew scrabble-game similar word-value technique that is called Gematria. It has to be explained first.

see http://otaku.onlinehome.de/gematria.html for all the text and a lot of pictures.

This is NOT Biblecode! The Methods of Biblecode are allmost unreproduceable with different Torah editions. But Hitomi-Function results ARE reproduceable with different Torah editions. Moreover, Hitomi-Function is NOT a way to predict something, but an algorithm to (de)code pictures!

If you know enough about Gematria, you can read on here. How are the pictures ciphered? As I found out later, early kabbalists maybe knew the technique, but I found the solution on my own. I was fascinated by traditional Gematria and found the new method by accident when whatching anime, carefully and especially the eyes of the fortune telling girl "Hitomi" (japanese name, means eyes or pupil). Look into the eye: it can be drawn from concentric circles and the iris resembles to a lot of spokes on a wheel. Hitomi her eyeThe spoked wheel was known in Mesopotamia allready 2800 BC, long before tradition tells the Torah was made. What if writing the Verses of the Torah unto the spokes of a wheel? One verse on one spoke? A phrase from a song returned to my memory: "Thus spoke the lord..." and I said to myself, this sounds like the beginning of lots of Bible verses.

I wanted to do an experiment: see how certain gematric values are spread within the Torah, wanted to see the distribiton in the arrangement of a spoked wheel that looks like an eye.

I had to write a program, but at this time I had only Amiga BASIC available as a programming language and only the Genesis as a computer readable hebrew text (a michigan-claremont file). I examined it's verses and found, that the longest verse of the Genesis has 26 words and added this to the knowledge, that the Genesis has 1533 verses. But as I intended to use the position of a word in a verse as a radius at which a dot should be drawn by the progam, 26 different radi seemed to poor for an interesting output. 1533 spokes on the other hand seemed far to much to handle. Hence I divide the 1533 verses by a plain number and found due to past and related number studies, that thrice 511 would be a good average, making three concentric circles with together 26 x 3 = 78 possible different radi on each spoke. I wrote the program and entered the value "666" for testing. After some dozens of corrections it worked:

see http://otaku.onlinehome.de/gematria.html for the results pictures and more text about their relevance for current time.