New Era, Faith in Inner Force (Slavko Mahne Shyama)


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18. Dezember 2011
15 November 2011, 22 November 2011

27,000 years of past have poured into present time. Positive as well negative contents are pouring; only 2-3% of them are useful. Negative contents act against present time. Most of energies pour into the first chakra of the Matter. Human must change in his/her life’s source in order to live these energies. The contents of the energies, which flow, are not only the individual’s causes and his/her family’s causes but also macro-causes of the past of the human kind. Out of the latter, the New Era is emerging. Material security is collapsing. The latter was already refined in the previous millennium and the civilization was using these energies. Now, an enormous quantity of non-formed energies is flowing into the foundation and it is covering that part, which was refined before. Contents are therefore fading out. People know how to live only with previous energies; they cannot handle the new ones yet. Financial/monetary virtues are fading the most. That is why we are writing names (words) of the virtues and so we refine the virtues.

Money as an abstract notion is connected with the human neck – ether. The power of money needs to be activated from the fifth chakra which is positioned in the area of the neck. It is important that we hold the creation of money in ourselves and so influence the macro-environment. At the Weekly Programs we hold the energy of the money in the neck and we shall transgress into the new form of the way of financial communication. This will happen in 2022, when the third spiritual planet is going to be uncovered. The new form of cherishing material communication shall be formed. New form of monetary transfer shall not take place in the form as we now know it (banks, stock markets…). Monetary communication shall take form in such form that cannot be defined at the moment. Now the form of monetary transfer is acting on the third chakra. The new form, however, will be created out of the fifth chakra, from the top of the neck. The form of money that we know now is collapsing and it will collapse. Paper money will be abolished gradually. Until now the aggressive people were rich; aggressiveness was the way on top in the world of money. Now those shall become rich that will develop a higher state of spiritual qualities. The people that will put forward these new changes have not been born yet. Until 2022 66% of those children will be born who shall carry a new state within themselves and shall influence the other people too. Monetary virtue which shall be formed will pull forward 95% of other life’s qualities. The main source is the level of communication, which is necessary to act on the appropriate level.

Slavko Mahne Shyama provides us with the contents of money from the sixth chakra. We need to try hard to hold this state in ourselves and preserve it. When fear connected with money emerges in a situation of life we should focus ourselves into ourselves, into the astral and repeat the word MONEY, so that the things shall turn right. All who visit Slavko Mahne Shyama’s Weekly Programs have awakened the power of self-suggesting. When we repeat the words silently into ourselves the result always comes. This is then spreading into the world.
Until 2022 the chakras under level zero of the Matter shall be filled. That much of the Divine Source is available.

Every human being carries the Divine Source within himself/herself; he or she can use this Source in situations in life.

When Slavko was still in the elementary school he got a reprimand in a written form from his teacher. As he was afraid to be punished at home he did not show the reprimand note to his parents. When he returned to school and met his teacher he expressed a feeling of certainty, prayer and faith into his Inner Force that his teacher would not ask him about the parents’ signature on that day. So he blocked his teacher’s question at least for ten times. The Inner force sorted out the things that everything turned out right.
It happened to him similarly when he was still a boy and went to watch television to his cousin, which his parents did not approve. In order for Slavko not to be punished he prayed sincerely and held his conviction that everything will be alright. Again the Inner Force sorted out the situation. He was not punished by his parents at home.
Later in his life also, when he was an entrepreneur and he employed some workers similar happened to him. One day he criticized one of his workers, an ex-military mercenary, who deserved the criticism. The worker grasped a screwdriver and threatened to stab Slavko. Slavko decided to fire that worker. A problematic worker implored Slavko not to be fired. Slavko turned to his Inner Force and prayed for the favorable outcome for both of them. So a new job opportunity arose for the worker and situation resolved well for both of them.

In life, when we encounter a conflicting situation, it depends on us how we shall cope with the conflict. It depends on us how we shall face the conflict. It depends on us in what way we act in relation to the conflict. We can express belief that we like the person who we are in conflict with and that we get along perfectly. In this way we rapidly diminish the cause of the conflict. If we are angry, however, in our subconsciousness a negative program is created. This negative program is like a bomb. A bomb, that waits to explode in future and cause us problems. This can last for several years and then it is possible that negativity can break out in an entirely different sphere of life. We have to be careful also not to push the causes down into ourselves or ignore them and so run away from confrontation with them.

Every cause, which emerges on the surface, emerges with an intention to be lived through and so we make progress in our evolution. It is right to try to live through the cause as humanely and nobly: so we will take another step in our evolution immediately and so we will become a better person. So, when we enter the conflicting situation and feel a burden in our subconsciousness, we can use several instruments for solving problems. We can engage a conflicting instrument or use the Inner Force, which can be engaged through the faith of conviction that situation will turn out right. Situation turns out right when no one is impaired.

Usually we are in tight energetic connection with the person who we are in a conflicting relationship with. We have to resolve tight communication. We can “bear arms” or we can “arrive with an olive branch”. We can decide to steer the Forces of our Spirit wisely or foolishly. If we vent our rage on someone, e.g. sue him/her in court, we experience only a momentary satisfaction. The person will remain wounded. This is not wise. We’d better use the Inner Force. This Inner Force is inside of our guts. Every human being carries the Divine Source within himself/herself; he or she can use this Source in his/her life. Instead of being angry let us go inside to ourselves and pray in our guts. So the energy will be awaken, which will then solve the situation. Every conflict in our life can be lived through in a more pleasant way if we find this Force that triggers a different destiny for ourselves and the persons we are in conflict with. A humane force triggers the destiny so that the situation is resolved for both and later there is no hate, no stain. When we communicate with the people it is not wrong if we respond aggressively. Sometimes it is necessary to show people the power of our Individual Self; otherwise they can step over us. We should realize proudly of our humane state and should strengthen self-confident certainty and power within ourselves. It is necessary also not to project our consciousness in anger when we are at home later; we should try to resolve the situation by faith in Positive Forces.
If we act on the second mental dimension we run away from our causes instead of fighting them. On the third mental dimension we fight the situation in the element of fire and act conflictingly. When we arrive to the fourth mental dimension, a feeling state arouses in us. On the fifth mental dimension we develop the power of self-conscious stability; with this state we resolve the situation.

Life is like a laboratory. Every person in life lives the program which is adapted to him/her. He or she processes the causes which are prepared for his/her advance evolution. Always we are served with so much causes we are able to process. According to the evolution there are no such causes that people could not process successfully. The path of life shows us the happening, which shows us the way. A person could always reach into the Divine Source inside himself/herself and so overcome his/her causes.

Those people who are seemingly very nice and kind usually carry enormous amounts of chaos and burden in their subconsciousness, because they lived in a Christian-like confrontation with their causes. Instead of facing their causes, they pushed them inside, ignored them and did not seek the Force that could help them sort out the causes. The proper way of life is always to seek the Force that processes the causes that occur in our life in a pleasant and painless way. So we awaken a feeling state towards life; this feeling state acts on the fourth mental dimension. Children react to these energies. If a person has awakened this state and feeling soul to the children, the children relax completely and obey peacefully when they are in contact with that person.

If only 9% of all the people would live in a way of seeking a Divine Force, an Inner Force, inside of them, when they face their causes, the whole world would improve. A collective field of human kind would improve for an enormous amount of the causes of the human kind.

It is important that we act on the principle of free will in life and it is important that we respect the free will of others. We can say and express our opinion, but we must not demand that other people act in accordance with that. Every human being is an independent individual person with his/her own personality, destiny and path in life. It is not right to force anyone to live with our own individuality. Even if a person is suffering and faces a difficult situation, it is precisely the situation he or she needs to live through in life, in order to get the cognition he or she needs on his/her path.

In the world there are a negative and a positive source. The function of the negative source for us is to build ourselves through it, otherwise we would not evolve. The wisdom is the key factor how fast people evolve on their evolutionary path. If they act hostile they will evolve rather slowly.

If we could live in the angelic dimension, we could process 100% of our causes in one life. Duty of every human being is to process 7% of the causes in a life. If one processes 8%, it is a lot.

Every person in this world matters and is connected with all the people of the world. All the people flow through you and you flow through all the people even though you do not realize that. The final phase is that you love all the people of the world and all the people of the world love you. When Slavko Mahne Shyama was projecting his concentrations of love to the human kind, he entered this beautiful dimension of love, where immense love is felt when one is connected with all the people. If we communicate with the people in the right way, we can create such atmosphere in our communication so that all the people that shall communicate with us will be happy.