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14. Oktober 2003

Kaaba and the Pope-beast. Sacred things of secret purpose.

concerns article
and pic of world order calendar,
latter pic described in Foolmoon 'Time Masters' posting

It's almost commonly agreed that the Knights of the Round-table are the
Zodiac, just as the Tribes of Israel in newsletter 7. Unfamiliar may be
the meaning of the word BRITAIN as seen in Hebrew. BRIT means covenant
and AIN means eye (German: EINs means unity). What eye?

If we look at the area of the celestial north pole, where the Knights or
Tribes are centered around the Dragon, it can be found that the previous
good pole-star must have been Thuban (Alpha-Draconis). It was the
Pole-star around 3000 BC. While the celestial north can be seen as an
eye, f.e. like the center of a black hole, in that region are other
eyes: Eltanin (Gamma-Draconis) was the eye of the Dragon, Thuban was the
eye of the sky (~ 3000 BC) and near that, also at ~ 66 degrees latitude,
shines another object, the Cat's Eye nebulae:


This nebula is estimated to be only 1000 years old (!). In difference,
Eltanin was a highly important star to the ancient Egyptians.
Apparently, in the period around 3500 BC it rose in line with the centre
passages of some major temples and is thought to have been used to align
one of Ra-moses' temples in about 2500 BC. It lies almost exactly at the
zenith of the original Greenwich observatory (!) and was extensively
observed by James Bradley, the third royal Astronomer, leading him to
the discovery of the aberration of light.

The Dragon itself guarded the golden apples in the garden of the
Hesperides, a Greek myth that has some parallels to a familiar story.

Here are another two picture, showing the knowledge of precession in
the late medieval (?) ages:

From the second pic we can see it's the Tree of Life. The upper circle
is going around the true celestial north. It is called the "greater
face" (Arich Anpin) or true self by Kabbalist. For them the lower
circle, that is drawn around the earth axis, is called the "lesser face"
(Seir Anpin). The lesser face is centered around the "self of mankind"

In the drawing of Boehme not a dragon but an Eagle sits in the center of
Precession. It's the eagle of the covenant BRIT, familiar from certain
state emblems, but prior to them already present as sun god Tonatiuh in
the center of the Aztec calendar stone. If you carefully examine that
stone, you are going to find, that it - besides the commonly accepted
20-day calendar) - contains any cycle that describes the Torah
Octaeteris (count the feathers, the dots around, etc). The Greeks had a
god with the similar name Thanatos, this time a god of death. Maybe the
Greek language was reared by the Time Masters just for the new
testament. However something went wrong.

For Boehme the covenant is a circle of 24 AINs (eyes), matching the 24
spokes of the covenant-of-circumcision-chapter 17 in the Genesis
(explained in Also 24 are the oldest beings in the Revelation, who sit around the throne of the lamb or so.

The Boehme drawing seen as the knowledge of precession, suggests the Age
of Taurus, the middle of the world order calendar as shown in
newsletter 7. On the opposite side of the Zodiac is Scorpio: Death.
Consider Thanatos. But the center of the Galaxy (Hebrew: galgal: wheel,
-axis), is rather in Sagittarius or between Sagittarius and Scorpio, so
that the arrow and the stinger both do point to the center with it's
black hole.

A number of spokes, not seldom 24, can be also found in the eagle-view
as sectors, paths or rays around the Kaaba.

Kaaba means cube and the cube is a symbol for the cosmos, the holy
vessel, as known to the Hebrews as Mer-Kaaba.

Now, this Kaaba has a curtain on it and on that curtain are some
familiar figures drawn: the two Torah Octaeteris Tablets
explained in

with eight spokes each. Many pictures can be found through google-search. Here is a facsimile of the relevant part:


The court-ain (court of the eye) was recently replaced by a new one, where the wheels have only 5 spokes each. That's OK for our purposes, because the Torah Tablets can also be rearranged to 5 spokes and then would have 8 rings each. 8 spokes measures the solar year, 5 spokes measures Venus visibility. Both comes to a meeting after 99 lunar synodic months.

Mer- in Mer-Kaaba really means: to measure (preserved in the Hungarian language f.e.). Measuring the cosmos (cube) is actually the domain of The Fool, who has the measuring rod on his shoulder (Tarot), and the Magician, who is Mer-cury or Mer-lin.

There is a tradition for a Saracen to run and walk around the Kaaba
seven times, before going closer to it. This may be one round for every
planet. After that he kisses the big piece of deep brown stone that is
about to pop out from the silver eye (!) in the east corner of the Kaaba:

The east side corresponds to Venus in the Sepher Yetzirah. Unfortunately most copies of that manual are false in a lot of points. More interesting now as the east side is the southeast corner, that the original Sepher Yetzirah attributes to Vov, Taurus in Astrology, ruled by Venus and exalting the Moon. In Tarot this is the Hierophant, the great revealer of any secrets. In the time, where the catholic church did a lot of bad things, The Hierophant, key 5 (!), was called The Pope.

From the Boehme picture the triangles in the circle of eyes resemble to Hitomi picture 666, "The House of Sodom". In

that "House" is now only associated with the Babylonian buildings of Saddam Hussein, who probably knows that particular secret of the Torah at least.

Also written on that page is, that the catholic Church has modified a delicate verse, number 1480 of the Torah. The word In-Sodom, that makes the number 666 has been left out. Now from the world order calendar we can conclude, that a good place to fit the Hitomi-pictures into history would be the thrice 360 years around 1 AD: (scroll down)

If we do this really, the verse 1480 peak of the House of Sodom points directly to the years 322-323 AD. In that years the first buildings of St. Peter's, aka "The Holy See" (to see - eye) in Vatican (Rome) were built! Consider this.

Further, that first building was a 5-fold temple. Just as the key number of The Hierophant.

The other two words "In-Sodom", that are near the center of Hitomi's picture 666, are exactly 360 years off from what may be significant: the death of two Pharaohs of the Ptolemy dynasty and the death of someone aka Julius Ceasar who has made some calendar that he named after him..

After all, this expeditions puts certain things together: Saddam Hussein, the Church, the Tarot and the Kaaba and all that somehow to the roots of the great BRIT-AIN: (no affiliation)
explained on

It's easy to see, that the front of St. Peter's looks almost like a Greek building or more specially similar to a masonic temple:'s%20basilica.jpg

This front and the great elliptical place before it, was designed and built in the 1656 to 1667. 656 is the number that draws orion and 667 is the death verse of Abraham: (no english yet)

The span from 656 to 667 can be the period of the two beasts from the Revelation:

in a wheel with 73 spokes the days of the lunar synodic month describes an almost closed pentagram:

"Observe it closely! It is not well made;
One angle, on the outer side of it,
Is just a little open, as you see."
- Goethe's Mephistopheles in "Faust"

from: article: masons and the pentacle
(no affiliation)

because it is only almost closed, it comes to happen, that it turns slowly around. Briefly told and by using idealized values, it turns completely upside down within 656 days, then with the next full moon at the second top peak (devils horn) at days 666-667, that are 22.5 lunations (!).

The number 73 (prime) is a factor of the Genesis (1533 verses), of the first four books of the Torah, 67x73 and of the Torah (idealized) 80x73. It's a factor of the solar year and the Venus visibility and by being that, just the reason why the 8 spoked wheel can be rearranged into a 5 spoked wheel. Consider why 'the Muslims' have done so ~ 2000 AD.

The great planetary alignment of the year 2000 is 16 * 360 years (360 is the prophetic year) distant from the Hillel II date 3761 BC. The Dome of St. Peters has 16 corners (years of the Torah) and the elliptical place shows 8 spokes as in the Torah Tablets (Hillel means Morning-star viz Venus). To all abundance 360 divided by 16 are 22.5, ideally the same as the lunations in 666 days.

They are lying at us from the beginning to the start, that is now. They are lying at us from the bottom of the heart, that is here. They would never do really a war.

The circumcision of the tongue, the covenant of the tongue are the boundaries of states, ensuring that noone can understand the neighbour.

The mountain that is moved by belief is the people of a state. This is the lamb of God, the Elohim. It's not separated from him and there is no person in between. See, on the Throne sits The Emperor, according to the Sepher Yetzirah in the northeast corner of the cosmos.

In 3117 BC (note the difference) a common calendar was started all over the world (according to Andis Kaulins) by 'Merlin':

Kaulins Chronology (no affiliation)

The Septuagint chronologies (apparently no relation) are all very different from the Hebrew bible chronologies and do even look somewhat false. Though there may be reasons. For example the one of Eusebius, published together with the making of the first buildings of St. Peters in the same years, measures ~ from 3100 BC to 2090 AD. That's about the same range as the 13 Baktun cycle of the Maya (with the difference of the Tarot as shown in newsletter 7).

Note that the Kaulins "absolute chronology" has an intercalation period of 480 years and how that period matches to the Levitic subsystem in the world order calendar! The period of 1440 year to 1460 years has been called Sothis so far and Sothis has been identified with the star Sirius. While a binding reason to do so is still missing, the star Sirius in the Hitomi picture of Orion, drawn by value 656, is made from a word in Genesis verse 1444! Very close.

You can use Hitomi java applet to check that. I hope you can handle the program interface: set "dialectic" to zero or to an empty field for a correct display, then enter the value 656 as the "value" to scan for and then click on the "swing" button. When the stars of orion appear (probably somehow turned around, but you can click on the upper right icons to change the orientation and such) move the mouse pointer on the dot that would be Sirius:

example pic

A little info will appear with the verse-number and other data in it. It can be now clicked to retrieve the corresponding verse from the KJV bible (seldom off by one verse and no other programmable edition was online).

Recently Bill Meegan has found out, that 1444 is 38x38, hence a multiple of the lunar calendar of the Goddess:


In the verse Joseph tells the Egyptians that he has bought them and their land for the Pharaoh. After that he defines, that a fifth of all income has to be given to Pharaoh, except from the income of the priests. In the counting of the Levites, where also a fifth was interesting, the "Priests" were a rest of a number to get it aligned to somewhere. Now 1444 cannot be divided by 5, but 1440 can. Substracted by a fifth leaves 1152, close to the 1144 of the "indian" subsystems of the world order calendar. The fifth is 288, similar to 228, the 6 fold 38, after which a full day of intercalation can come in effect.

Last but not least, while 1152 = 1144 + 8

1440 x 8 = 1152 x 10 = 11700 - 180

These values can have a relation to the Levitic and Indian subsystems.

The conclusion from all these parallels may be, that the Greenwich meantime can be seen as the middle of the world order calendar and that some druids in england are the true Jews ... wait a minute ... what was that about the pseudo-Greeks? What ever it may be, I won't believe the hype and rather read Terry Pratchett's "History Monks" of "Discworld" or "Lord of the Rings". These works seem to be influenced from the Torah-Cosmos just as our so called real history.

The whole text of this posting (without pic) and other texts of similar content can be found in the torahcosmos-archives at link