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The Lord of Lies

Dieses Thema im Forum "Aufgeschrieben" wurde erstellt von Bukowski, 30. Juni 2011.

  1. Bukowski

    Bukowski Sehr aktives Mitglied

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    31. August 2008
    The Lord of Lies
    Comes in disguise

    Creeping after his beloved error
    For he hates his face in the mirror

    Hurrys to manipulate making sure
    Truth of lowliness too clean, too pure

    It´s not, NEVER! he himself he sees
    But his dippy shaddows succeed by degrees

    The Lord of Lies
    Comes in disguise

    Ugly stupid poor and dumb
    Still wants to make anybody jump

    Into his own senseless sick understanding
    Creator of the next new horror branding

    Cladding of the next external exhibition-wall
    Pushing deeply hurt desperated in cute Babysmall

    The Lord of lies
    Comes in disguise

    And lovers of truth know it´s fatal if swallowed
    Yet they go thair way knowing just loving allowed

    Boring but secure deformation in all his sentences
    And for his inability Lovers are liable for consequences

    Adoration of backwardness and poverty
    Fondly cultivatet in his own stupidity

    The Lord of lies
    Comes in disguise

    And all is turned and perverted in this burning disire for a soulmate
    And the joke is: Obviously God loves those creators of hate

    Tell me a secret, Life. Who is he, this God?
    He must be great!

    The Lord of lies dies in his own eyes.
    So calm down, lover.
    Just another prisoner in disguise:

    This Lord of lies.
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