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Kirmes' Ideenstübchen

Dieses Thema im Forum "Aufgeschrieben" wurde erstellt von Wortdoktor, 23. Juni 2016.

  1. Wortdoktor

    Wortdoktor Sehr aktives Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    13. Oktober 2013
    Poesieee???? Watt??? Von nem Mann??? Jaa.., das gibts.

    The Joker

    When he is laughing
    His world is spinnin around.
    To be the one who is really found.
    When he is smlining
    People starr at him for a while.
    When they recognize his crazy smile.

    So come on, be the one for me.
    I just want to set you free.
    Make my heart feelin the blues.
    Cause I am just speakin my truth.

    I will be the card
    The card to set you free
    Come on over baby
    Let me be the one I want to be.
    You can have my card for a use
    I will maybe be the one for to choose.
    And if you are able to trust
    I wont let you loose
    So we will get in the car
    And cruisin so fast

    When he is laughing
    People stop and stare
    Cause such a beauty isnt everywhere.
    Life is where his heart beats
    And people are feelin the heats
    When he is smiling,
    They are crazy like a drum
    Cause his heart is always makin bum bum.

    So baby come on cruise with me.
    I be your one you see.
    Let us vibe together where we belong.
    Cause our hearts were won.

    Weiß nicht obs gut ist... finde aber englisch lässt sich besser schreiben als deutsch.... meiner Meinung nach.
  2. Wortdoktor

    Wortdoktor Sehr aktives Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    13. Oktober 2013
    When the peace is on my Mind

    I already was born to have a wish
    Not to complete or to finish.
    But to set free the peace of inner mind.
    Oh my baby you are one of my kind.
    We can set fire to the rain.
    Until we see us together again.

    Even if our broken hearts get repaired
    We were stopped and stared
    The love of inner peace was gone.
    And my heart was all alone.
    But you came back early mornin
    You brought the peace I was earning.
    My peace to enable my skills.
    To entertain my free wills.

    My free wills are like horses flying through the wind
    And the love is one of that kind.
    We both know we belong together to solute with our energy
    To set gaias feelings free.
    Mother Gaia was folded ice.
    And so her hearts cold with no surprise.

    With my inner peace on my mind
    We were already born as one kind
    We are the colours of the skin
    And we only had to win
    To win and executive our life
    One day your maybe my wife?

    The signs and the situation was bad
    And myself was gettin glad
    But I love mother Gaia so I will try
    To give her all my love today.
    Mother Gaia will lead me off the way.
    So in my life I will stay.
    Stay forever in your arms.
    Where I feel your heart the warms.

    so one day I will be on top.
    And I have done my job.
    My journey was already fun.
    And now I have to move on.

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