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Hello from sweden! Janine from B-TV

Dieses Thema im Forum "Tarot" wurde erstellt von Lunaria, 2. Januar 2005.

  1. Lunaria

    Lunaria Guest

    Hello everyone, I hope you will understand this although I write in English ;)
    My name is Peter, im from sweden.
    I've been watching B-TV4U for some months, and especially enjoyed the Tarot-Reading shows, especially with the woman "Janine".
    I was watching Janine's session on New Years Eve, and I enjoyed it very much, I watched it all until the show and the channel closed down at 00:00. What I diddn't know at that time, was that the channel wasn't coming back again :( Very Very sad, Because I really liked Janine alot!
    And I surely will miss her!.

    So, I diddn't know where to turn..
    But I hoped that I could get some help from you guys,
    If anyone has photos of Janine, please could you send me thoose?
    Because I really wanna have some pics of her.
    And also, Im interested in knowing Janine's Aftername, because maybe it would be easier to find info/pics with her if I knew that.
    Also, if there is another fan of Janine out there, I would like to chat/mail with you! :)

    My mail: sesxquai@hotmail.com
    This adress also works as MSN.

    Take care!
  2. star

    star Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    6. Oktober 2004
    Hi Peter !

    I am really surprised to hear that people in sweden can watch btv4u ! They must really make a lot of money.....
    Anyway i will send you an email !

  3. kartenleger21

    kartenleger21 Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    10. Juni 2004
    Hello , I am also a greate fan from Janine. Her last name is Oster and she lives in the area of Idar Oberstein , but I don't know the adress. Maybee you can send me the pictures , too , because I am a greate fan of her too.
    Stefan Schmitt

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