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‘Prominente’ Vegetarier-Veganer

Dieses Thema im Forum "Vegetarier-Forum" wurde erstellt von beere, 14. Februar 2011.

  1. beere

    beere Neues Mitglied

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    13. August 2010
    Actors & Filmstars

    •Apu (vegan) (on The Simpsons
    •Grant Aleksander
    •Debbie Arnold
    •Brad Pitt
    •Rosanna Arquette
    •Richard & Leslie Bach (He is a writer, she was actress in the old Star Trek series (I think).) Source: Any of Bach’s latest books (they say they are so).
    •Anette Badland
    •Alex Baldwin (US actor)
    •Brigitte Bardot (French actress, animal activist)
    •Angus Barnett (Square Deal)
    •Drew Barrymore (vegan) Source: Jane Magazine, Premiere Issue (isst mittlerweile wieder Fleisch)
    •Kim Basinger
    •Alexandra Bastedo
    •Meredith Baxter Source: Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian
    •Maureen Beattie
    •Dirk Benedict (A Team)
    •Candice Bergen (”Murphy Brown”)
    •Sandra Berkin
    •Traci Bingham (Baywatch) Source: BBC Vegetarian Good Food mag, Nov1997
    •Christopher Blake
    •Gillian & Gayle Blakeney (Neighbours)
    •Peter Bogdanovich (director) (vegan) (source: NEXP)
    •Lisa Bonet (The Cosby Show)
    •Blueberry Borovnisa
    •Tracy Brabin
    •Cathryn Bradshaw
    •Lucy Briers (played Mary Bennet in 1995 “Pride & Prejudice”) Source: “The Making of Pride and Prejudice” book
    •“Downtown” Julie Brown (former MTV ‘veejay’; now hosts her own TV talk show and has roles in Hollywood movies) Source: Vegetarian Times, Issue 232
    •Faith Brown
    •Nicola Bryant
    •Kirk Cameron (Star of WB show “Kirk”) Source: Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian
    •Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer Simpson)
    •Claudia Christian (”Babylon 5″)
    •Julie Christie
    •Margi Clarke — Margi’s Christmas
    •Christine Elise (Emily Valentine from BH90210, and currently on ER.) Source: I interviewed her in May, 1995.
    •Mike Farrell (actor, BJ Honeycutt in M*A*S*H)
    •Pam Ferris
    •Jerome Flynn (Soldier, Soldier)
    •Michael J. Fox (Movie & T.V. Star) Source: Animal Rights and You (Ingrid Newkirk narrated cassette tape)
    •Fiona Fullerton
    •Jennie Garth (”Kelly Taylor” on Beverly Hills, 90210) (vegan) Source: Peta’s animal times (Spring ‘96)
    •Richard Gere
    •Sara Gilbert (vegan)
    •Sheila Gish
    •Deborah Grant
    •Jane Grayson
    •Jill Greenacre
    •Bob Gunter (screenwriter, Sandlot) (vegan) Source: personal friend
    •Louise Milwood Haigh (Jodie in The Lodge)
    •Daryl Hannah
    •Woody Harrelson (Vegan) (Bartender on “Cheers!”, Star of “Natural Born Killers”) Source: Details Magazine
    •Nigel Hawthorne
    •Mariel Hemmingway (played in the t.v. series “Civil wars”) (vegan) Source: veronica gids
    •Sherrie Hewson (Maureen in Coronation Street)
    •Dustin Hoffman (actor)
    •Charlotte Martin (Susan Carter in The Archers)
    •Bill Maynard
    •Paul McGann (8th Doctor of Doctor Who) (vegan)
    •Glenda McKay (Emmerdale)
    •Ian McKellen
    •Virginia McKenna
    •Rue McLanahan (Golden Girls)
    •Amanda Mealing
    •Spike Milligan
    •Hayley Mills
    •Derin Moore
    •Jessica Muschamp (Sharon in Neighbours)
    •Stephen North
    •Simon O’Brien
    •Hazel O’Connor
    •Maureen O’Farrell
    •Shaunna O’Grady (Bev in Neighbours)
    •Kate O’Mara
    •Catherine Oxenberg
    •Anne Parillaud
    •Alexandra Paul (Baywatch)
    •Anthony Perkins
    •Polly Perkins (Trish in Eldorado)
    •Rhea Perlman
    •Mandy Perryment
    •Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira: Mistress of the Dark) Source: Vegetarian Times, October 1996
    •River Phoenix (vegan, deceased)
    •Brad Pitt (Interview With a Vampier, Legends of the Fall)
    •Tracey Pollen (Family Ties)
    •Natalie Portman (The Professional) Source: David Letterman Show, November 28,1996
    •Pamela Power (Bread, UK TV)
    •Jacqueline Reddin
    •Joe Regalbuto (Frank Fontana on Murphy Brown) Source: Vegetarian Times, several years ago; also personal knowledge
    •Linda Regan
    •Eric Richard (The Bill, UK TV)
    •Linus Roache (Actor, has appeared in West End (London), Films (eg. Priest) and on BBC tv.) Source: Vegetarian Society of the UK, ‘Vegetarian Living’ magazine (no longer in print), BBC ‘Vegetarian Good Food’ magazine.
    •Abigail Rokison (Darling Buds Of May)
    •Carol Royle
    •Julia Sawalha (actress) (vegan) Source: Radio Times
    •Marina Sirtis (Star Trek)
    •Rob Spendlove
    •Terence Stamp
    •Imelda Staunton
    •Eric Stolz
    •Jonathan Tristan Talbert Source: Teen Beat. BOP magazine
    •David Thewlis
    •Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy on Home Improvement) Source: TeenBeat Magazines, interviews with JTT
    •Niels ‘polleke’ Tijssen (the dutch epuivalent of Corky (the mentally challenged actor)) (vegan) Source: the dutch tv-show Showtime
    •Rita Tushingham
    •Liv Tyler (actress and daughter of Steven) Source: Interview on the Rosie O’Donnell show, April 7
    •Matthew Vaughan (Emmerdale)
    •Tim Vincent (Children’s Ward)
    •Kristina Wagner (Felicia on General Hospital) Source: Health Magazine
    •Lindsay Wagner (vegan)
    •Clint Walker
    •Sophie Ward (vegan)
    •Tom Watt
    •Dennis Weaver
    •Tico Wells
    •Ruth Whitehead (Emmerdale Farm)
    •Spice Williams (vegan)
    •Emma Wray
    •Gretchen Wyler (Broadway and Television Actress)


    Popstars & Musicians

    •Abnegation (punk rock band out of Penn.) (vegan)
    •Bryan Adams
    •Rose Alba
    •Damon Albarn (lead singer of Blur)
    •Rick Allen (Def Leppard)
    •Dee Anderson
    •Jon Anderson (singer with Yes) Source: Vegetarian Times (don’t have exact date)
    •Jon Anderson (lead singer of Yes, Visionary solo artist) Source: pretty well known fact
    •Fiona Apple (vegan)
    •Joan Armatrading
    •Joan Baez (folk singer) Source: A Teen’s Guide to Becoming a Vegetarian
    •Gary Barlow (Take That) Source: internet
    •Martin Barre (guitarist with Jethro Tull) Source: Jethro Tull 1995 tourbook. Also it was said on the concerts.
    •Shirley Bassey
    •Jeff Beck
    •The Beloved
    •Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub)
    •Michael Bolton
    •Elkie Brooks
    •Peter Buck (REM guitarist)
    •Charlie Burchill (Guitarist, Simple Minds) Source: Interview in French animal rights magazine (again)
    •Kate Bush
    •Terry “Geezer” Butler (Ozzy Osbourne Band)
    •BOYAA T.R.I.B.E (Samoan L.A Rap Act) Source: WOM Music Magazin 1995
    •Montserrat Caballe (Opera singer) Source: Magazines and TV interwievs
    •Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard) Source: Kerrang!, not sure about the issue
    •Carcass Source: Aarschok Magazine and Carcass lyrics
    •The Captain & Tennille
    •Belinda Carlisle
    •Gary Clail
    •Neil Codling (Keyboardist with Suede) Source: interview in Expressen (swedish paper)
    •Jessica Cody (vocalist for Brunswick Spirit) Source: The Daily Gleaner
    •Leonard Cohen (Canadian poet and musician) Source: Toronto Vegetarian Assoc. 1996 pamphlet
    •Phil Collen (Def Leppard) (vegan)
    •Julian Cope (British singer/songwriter/neo-Druid w/ cult following) Source: artist’s LPs “Peggy Suicide” and “Jehovahkill”
    •Elvis Costello
    •Sarah Cracknell (St Etienne)
    •Beverley Craven
    •Peter Cunnah (Ream)
    •Dick Dale (King of surf) Source: Watt July issue ‘96
    •John Dankworth
    •Dave Davies (Kinks)
    •Carol Decker (Former lead singer of T’Pau - now has solo career.)
    •Brad Delp (Boston - Vocals) Source: Boston’s “Third Stage” album.
    •Cathy Dennis
    •Des’ree (British pop singer) Source: VH1 television
    •Michael Diamond (Beastie Boys drummer/singer) Source: Grand Royal Magazine, No. 3
    •Corinne Drewery (Swing Out Sister)
    •Judith Durham (lead singer, The Seekers) (vegan)
    •Bob Dylan (60’s Folk Icon and Current Rock Star) Source: The Vegetarian Handbook by Gary Null
    •Earth Crisis (Hardcore Band) (vegan) Source: Lyrics
    •Earth Crisis (vegan)
    •Melissa Etheridge Source: interview on VH-1 Naked Cafe
    •Julie Felix
    •Fini Tribe
    •Peter Frame (music historian-rock)
    •Michael Franks (jazz singer)
    •Justine Frischman (lead singer of Elastica) Source: Seventeen magazine
    •Edgar Froese (Founder and head of Tangerine Dream) Source: evident from various interviews and homepage
    •Fugazi (straightedge as well)
    •Peter Gabriel
    •David Gedge (Wedding Present)
    •Boy George
    •Dizzie Gillespie
    •Gary Glitter
    •Kevin Godley
    •Dave Goodman (original producer of Sex Pistols) (vegan) Source: Record Collector magazine
    •Eddie Grant
    •Martin Gore (Depeche Mode)
    •Omar Hakim (drummer, formerly of Weather Report and Sting’s first band)
    •Kirk Hammett (guitarist with metallica) Source: mtv
    •Vijay Hariharan (drummer for Puritan) (vegan) Source: personal acquaintance
    •George Harrison (musician, Beatles/solo)
    •Polly Jean Harvey (Rid of Me; To Bring You My Love)
    •Julianna Hatfield Source: Seventeen magazine, Dec 1993
    •Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus III)
    •Tony Hicks (Hollies)
    •Doughttp://www.hidwater.com/doug/ Hoekstra (Singer/Songwriter (appearing at Bottom Line in NYC June 28th))
    •Susannah Hoffs (ex Bangles)
    •Steve Howe (guitarist with Yes, GTR, solo) Source: Vegetarian Times (don’t have exact date)
    •Chrissie Hynde
    •Billy Idol
    •Indigo Girls
    •Eddie ftp://arginine.umdnj.edu/pub/qryche/doc/zines/92.04.rip.interview Jackson (Bassist with Queensryche) Source: Rip, April ‘92 issue
    •Eddie Jackson (bassist for Queensryche)
    •Joe Jackson
    •LaToya Jackson
    •James (the band, all vegan apparently)
    •Wendy James (Transvision Vamp)
    •Daniel Johns (Singer and guitarist of silverchair .) (vegan) Source: Llama Apprecation Society newsletter #6 silverchair fan newsletter.
    •Daniel Johns (vegan) Source: Kerrang!
    •Daniel Johns (lead singer of silverchair) (vegan)
    •Eric www.ericjohnson.com Johnson (world famous guitar virtuoso, won grammy, cover of guitar player.) Source: personal aquaintance
    •Howard Jones (British singer/songwriter)
    •Martin & Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet)
    •Jim Kerr (Singer, Simple Minds) Source: Interview in French animal rights magazine
    •Nik Kershaw
    •Gladys Knight
    •Edward Kowalczyk (Lead vocalalist of ‘LIVE’) Source: Tour Diary enteries for Secret Samahdi World Tour
    •Lenny Kravitz
    •K D Lang (vegan)
    •John and Yoko Lennon (rhythm guitar with Beatles, Formed Plastic Ono Band) (vegan) Source: Lennon by Ray Coleman
    •Annie Lennox (singer, Eurythmics/solo)
    •Living Colour
    •Lisa Loeb (singer) Source: Metro Cafe - T.V.
    •Lene Lovich
    •Willy M (London Beat)
    •Johnny Marr
    •Sarah McLachlan (singer/songwriter)
    •Paul & Linda McCartney — Linda’s New Factory Source: VegSocUK - the McCartneys are VegSocUK’s patrons
    •Yehudi Menuhin
    •Natalie Merchant (ex- 10,000 Maniacs)
    •Moby (vegan)
    •Morrissey (singer, also The Smiths)
    •Larry Mullen Junior (drummer and founder of ‘U2′ band) Source: interview with larry and bono prior to current pop-mart tour
    •Olivia Newton John
    •Chris Novoselic (Nirvana)
    •Jason Orange (Take That)
    •Mark Owen (Take That)
    •Sinead O’Connor (vegan)
    •Ozzy Osborne (leider eine Falschmeldung: siehe “The Osbournes” bei MTV. Ozzy isst alles….)
    •Doris Pearson (Five Star)
    •Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes)
    •Steve Perry (Lead singer Journey) Source: S.P.I.N. Steve Perry Info Network
    •Keith Potger (guitarist/vocalist)
    •Jackie Quinn
    •Rebel MC
    •Marisa Robles
    •Rikki Rocket (rock group Poison) (vegan)
    •Tim Rogers (lead vocalist and guitarist with You Am I) Source: Juice magazine
    •Doug Savor (singer for Puritan) Source: personal acquaintance
    •Tom Scholz (Mastermind behind the rock-n-roll band Boston) (vegan)
    •Dave Scott (bassist w/ Reach) (vegan)
    •Sandi Shaw
    •Shelter (krsna-core band) Source: numerous interviews and the song “civilized man” from the Mantra album
    •Captain Sensible
    •The Shamen
    •Siouxsie Sioux
    •Grace Slick (Singer with Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship) Source: Grace talked about it during her workshop for The Learning Annex, San Francisco.
    •Heather Small (M-people, vegan)
    •Robert Smith (The Cure)
    •Jimmy Somerville
    •Ringo Starr (and his wife, Barbara Bach)
    •Keni St George
    •Geoff Tate (Vocalist for Queensryche) (vegan)
    •Richard Thompson (singer/songwriter) Source: August/September Dirty Linen Magazine
    •Tanita Tikaram
    •Farin Urlaub (singer of the German band “Die Ärzte”) Source: German magazines
    •Steve Vai (guitarist (David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Frank Zappa)) Source: Personal knowledge/Guitarist magazines
    •Eddie Vedder (lead vocalist with Pearl Jam)
    •Sarah Washington
    •Charlie Watts (Stones)
    •Jane Weidlin (ex Go-Go’s)
    •Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode)
    •Vanessa Williams (pop singer) Source: Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian
    •Wendy O. Williams (Lead singer with the Plasmatics / solo) Source: Vegetarian Times, July 1984, Issue 83
    •Womack & Womack
    •“Weird” Al Yankovic (vegan) Source: John “Bermuda” Schwartz, drummer of Al’s band
    •Yazz (vegan)
    •Dweezil, Moon, Ahmet, Diva Zappa (Children of Frank Zappa. Dweezil and Ahmet have rock band “Z”. Moon is an actress. Diva hasn’t chosen a carreer yet. All are drug and alcohol free as well.) Source: April 1993 Playboy Interview with Frank Zappa. Liner notes from “Confessions” (1991 Dweezil Zappa). Personal Conversations with Dweezil.
    •Benjamin Zephaniah (vegan)

    •Sir Isaac Newton (English scientist, astronomer, and mathematician) Source: A Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian
    •Sir C. V. Raman (Nobel prize-winning physicist - 1930s?)
    •Srinivasa Ramanujan (Probably the greatest Indian mathematician in the last 1000 yrs.) Source: The man who knew Infinity by Kanigel
    •Serge Raynaud de la Ferriére (Founder of Universal Great Brotherhood) (vegan) Source: His Literature: Yug.Yoga Yoghismo. Ed. Diana
    •Ruth Rendell (writer) Source: BBC Vegetarian Good Food mag, Dec 1997
    •John Robbins (author of Diet for a New America and May all be Fed) (vegan) Source: Author’s books.
    •Jean Jacques Rousseau (French writer and political philosophers) Source: A Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian
    •Albert Schweitzer (German philosopher, physician, musician, clergyman, missionary, writer on theology) Source: A Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian
    •George Bernard Shaw (writer)
    •Percy Shelley (poet)
    •Upton Sinclair (American writer) Source: A Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian
    •Isaac Bashevis Singer (Writer - Nobel Prize winner in Literature)
    •Peter Singer (Philosopher. Author of Animal Liberation) Source: His book Animal Liberation
    •Colin Spencer (reknown food writer) (vegan) Source: The Vegan Society UK
    •Benjamin Spock (MD)
    •Chandrashekar Subrahmanyam (Nobel prize-winning astrophysicist - 1983)
    •Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772)
    •Nikola Tesla (Inventor; too many to list, including AC Current) Source: Any decent biography of Nickola Tesla
    •Henry David Thoreau
    •Mark Twain
    •Alice Walker (vegan) Source: Her autobiographical text Everything We Love Can Be Saved
    •Alan Watts (philosophical writing)
    •H.G. Wells (British author) Source: A Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian
    •William Wordsworth
    •Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere (Universal Great Brotherhood Founder) Source: U.G.B. in Mexico.
    und viele mehr .....


    lg. beere:)
  2. gismolina

    gismolina Guest

    Echt? Brad Pitt ist Vegetarier :eek:

    Das ist mir jetzt tatsächlich neu.
  3. Seth8

    Seth8 Guest

    Orlando Bloom,
    Michael Jackson,
    Dirk Bach,
    Bono (U2)

    Hier sind auch noch ganz viele aufgelistet:


    Schon auch sehr interessant, wer alles so lebt. :thumbup:
  4. MorningSun

    MorningSun Guest

    Adolf Hitler ....:D
    Grey gefällt das.
  5. Seth8

    Seth8 Guest

    Na ja, auch A.H. war (nur) ein Mensch, der sich offensichtlich gesund ernähren wollte bzw. es dann vielmehr getan hat.

    "Kommt drauf an, wie man Vegetarier definiert. Tatsächlich hat der Diktator zumindest nach 1930 kaum noch Fleisch gegessen. Das hatte wohl vor allem mit seinen chronischen Verdauungsbeschwerden zu tun."

  6. Lucia

    Lucia Sehr aktives Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    29. Oktober 2004
    naja, dafür war stalin fanatischer vegetarier und pol pot wohl auch. beides ja bekannte massenmörder.
    von charles manson und seiner "family" hab ich auch gelesen, dass sie vegetarisch lebten.

    von daher ist es absolut unsinnig, prominente aufzuführen, um damit vegetarismus zu bewerben, als würde das die gesinnung der menschen zeigen.

    Grey gefällt das.
  7. Seth8

    Seth8 Guest

    Man kann's ja auch einfach so interessant finden, wer alles so lebt ...

    Für die, die sich generell für Ernährung und Co - einen bestimmten Lebensstil - interessieren.
  8. Lucia

    Lucia Sehr aktives Mitglied

    Registriert seit:
    29. Oktober 2004
    ja, hast du recht.
    aber wenns tatsächlich darum ginge, dass es interessant ist, wer alles so lebt, dann finde ich es noch interessanter, dass eben leute wie stalin nie in solchen listen auftauchen.
    dabei wärs doch interessant, oder?

    Grey gefällt das.
  9. Seth8

    Seth8 Guest

    Wir Menschen sind halt einfach auch sehr verschieden ...

    Was meinste, wer alles in den entgegengesetzten Listen auftauchen würde? ...

    Menschen sind und bleiben eben auch Menschen. Es gibt verschiedene Gründe, warum sich jemand so ernährt, wie er sich ernährt. Nicht immer muss es einen sog. spirituellen Hintergrund haben, wie man ja bei A.H. sehen bzw. auch nachlesen kann.
  10. Sayalla

    Sayalla Guest

    Die einzige Gesinnung, die ich eh darin erkenne, ist die fleischlos leben zu wollen...
    wobei ich es persönlich z.B. sehr mag, wenn du von deinem rohen Fleisch sprichst. Es ist so ehrlich und authentisch und auch, wenns mir nicht schmecken würde, es macht dich sympathisch und vor allem vertrauenswürdig.
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