The King


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30. November 2003
The King

I see the first born king
And tried to follow him
My eyes were blind and dim

I can not win

I am no wise, no knight
Just tried to stop the fight
Lord, let me feel Your might

No place to hide

He starts to talk with me
You tried to follow me?
These lessons are for thee

Wait and see

Found myself by Your feet
Watch Your heart love and bleed
See no one try to lead

A wasted seed

Will You come once again?
And what will happen then?
What is Your further plan?

For all men

Once I have talked the truth
But now it’s gone and loose
I want to see them choose

Tell the news

How can I handle this?
Join someone else, I plead
I will not pay the fees.

Just for a kiss

I never treaded You
And You will know this too
So go and tell it's true

I will come through

The first born king will wait
Till the last choice is made
Therefore the time will fade

For heavens sake


gefällt mir gesungen am besten (ich singe es zu der Melodie von drummer boy ;) )

wollte es noch einmal hier hereinstellen weil es gut zur Weihnachtszeit passt