Suche dringend von Hurtak: The 72 Divine Names of the Myriad Expressions of God



Bin neu hier und suche schon seit Monaten ein bestimmtes Buch:
The 72 Divine Names of the Myriad Expressions of God von Prof. Hurtak. Hat einen englischen Titel - dort sind aber alle 72 heiligen Namen in 5 verschiedenen Sprachen (auch in Deutsch) übersetzt. Eine Freundin von mir hat dieses Buch - kenne es also selber auch.
Leider bekommt man dieses Buch von der Akademie für die Wissenschaft der Zukunft in Europa nur noch nach einjährigem Studium des Buches "Die Schlüssel des Enoch". Also, im freien Verkauf nicht erhältlich.

Vielleicht besitzt einer von Euch das Buch und würde es mir verkaufen oder kennt jemanden, der es verkaufen möchte!

Bin über jeden Hinweis dankbar!

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Dort sind alle 72 Namen zu finden!

This study is connected with The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® and is intended to be an ecumenical study. These are terms derived from from Biblical references and not to be confused with other works by Dr. J.J. Hurtak or various other authors. Since no single traditional listing or refererence exists, one will find a variety of 72 Divine Expressions and Names. Therefore each list is unique and should be respected as a work of scholarship.
Since our work is ecumenical, other expressions in various languages can be found in the Greek and Vedic-Sanskrit, as expressions of the Divine provided for additional study.

1 ABBA or ABWOON (Hebrew-Aramaic) “Father” .
The intimate name given to the Divine as “Father” by the scholars and sages writing originally from Aramaic (the lingua franca of the Semitic languages from Egypt to the Indus Basin and the holy land area of the Near East from 1,200 BCE to 600 CE). The personal “Father” one calls upon to deliver oneself from divine limitation. The title Jesus used in the Gospels to pray to the Eternal Father when he was in intimate dialogue with Him in the great plan of realizing the Kingdom within that belongs to all believers.
O Abwoon, Father, open my eyes that I may see the wonders of Thy inner Kingdom, for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory on this side of Creation
and in all dimensions forever.
2 ADON OLAM (Hebrew). “Lord of Eternity (or theUniverse).”
The expression of God found in the most frequently cited ancient hymns.
(Psalm 117:2)
O most precious Lord, O Adon Olam, Thou who art in the celestial songs of creation and Thou who exist as the Lord of the Universe, may the future and the findings of life throughout the Universe remind us of who we are in the divine plan as
Thy seed experiment of Life.
3 ADONAI (Hebrew). “Lord.”
The title used by the scholars from the ancient teachers of the Torah, the Tanaim, the Geonim (Academic sages), down to the present orthodox scholars who call upon the Lord of the prophets. This expression occurs 432 times in the Masoretic Biblical text.
Divine Eternal Adonai, may Thy Holy Name
be preserved and used with great wisdom, for we know that the awe of Thy Holy Name is the beginning of wisdom.
4 ADONAI ECHAD (Hebrew). “The Lord is One.”
The basic affirmation of the second part of the lst commandment given by Moses to Israel. “The Lord (G-d) is one. The mystery of the Godhead as the supreme unity of the Divine Family is affirmed in this expression.
(Deut. 6:4)
Divine Eternal Adonai Echad, may the mystery of Thy Unity and Thy Plurality be understood by the education of my soul and ascent into the higher worlds.
5 ADONAI, MELEK (Hebrew). “Lord, King.”
The salutation used by David in the Psalms to call upon the Divine as Lord and Sovereign King of creation. The divine executive power of the Divine King is also shared as a power of mercy over all principalities and powers of the universe.
O Adonai Melek, may the loving, guiding and awesome Presence of Thy Kingship guide the inner awakenings of my soul to the marvelous expanse and organization of the physical universe that is sustained by
Thy Kingdom of Light.
6 ADONAI ‘TSEBAYOTH (Hebrew). “Lord of Hosts or Lord of Armies.”
The angelic command of the true Lord of the true Hosts of the Heavens. ‘Tsebayoth or Sabaoth is found written over 200 times in the Bible and by the many prophets and in the New Testament although originally in Greek in Romans 9:29; James 5:4.
O Adonai ‘Tsebayoth, may the presence of Thy Hosts and the coming of Thy Hierarchy of Celestial Beings from the Higher worlds manifest the truth of Thy Image. May the Enthronement of Thy ‘Tsebayoth awaken the myriad souls of sentient beings who sleep in the material illusions of material worlds.
7 AIN SOPH (Hebrew). “Limitless One.”
The supreme title for the Infinite out of which all other creation proceeds. The foundation for All in the universe.
O Ain Soph, Praise to Thee who created our spirits before this world was and whose Greatness guides all future worlds through
Thy sons and daughters of Light.
8 AL-ILAH (Aramaic). The title for “God” as used by
Aramaic speaking believers at the time of Jesus.
One of the most proper titles for God used in the Near East when Aramaic was the lingua franca of the Semitic language family from 1,200 BC to 600 CE. During the most important period in the formation of the New Testament, this expression could be found as seen in Romans 16.26-27, for the original language spoken by Jesus and his disciples was Aramaic.
Al-ilah, O blessed and only wise one, may Thy blessings of the cosmos be with us at all times. Praise to Thee for the prophets and Jesus the Messiah. In all of Thy Holy Names, may the mysteries of your nature and manifestations be revealed to us. Amen.
9 AL-ILAH RAPHA (Aramaic). “God of Healing.”
Ancient expression for the intervention of the Divine Powers that all humanity requires to live and breathe.
Most precious and exalted Lord who Heals, Al-ilah Rapha, examine my body and physical nature with Thy penetrating and healing power.
May Thou Heal us from all sicknesses and sufferings and bring a restoration of health in body and spirit to those I pray for at this hour, especially for those in a time of transition.
10 AL-ILAH SABTAI (Aramaic). “God of Rest.”
Ancient expression for the Rest or Sabbath, that place of contentment and Peace with God.
May Al-ilah Sabtai bring forth the peace to deliver all sentient intelligence in this universe which appears to move towards chaos.
11 AL-ILAH SHEMAYA (Aramaic). “God Hears.”
Ancient expression which acknowledges the Presence of God in our lives.
Thou art the true Lord who is always with us, Al-ilah Shemaya. Manifest Thy presence here in the midst of the physical world and the physical reality so that it may be transmuted into the glory of a spiritual planet in the newly arisen universe.
12 AMMI SHADDAI (Hebrew). “People of the Almighty.”
The title of the beloved of God imprinted within the People who know the Holy Names as signaled in the writings of Isaiah and other prophets. An expression for God interacting with the People of Light as found in the major and minor prophets of Israel.
O my beloved Ammi Shaddai.
May the powers of Shaddai awaken our crown with Light and Splendor to feel in our midst the Presence of the Almighty Lover.
13 AMUD HA-ESH (Hebrew). “Pillar of Fire.”
An aspect of the Holy Spirit’s work through superluminal Light that lead the people through the desert as seen in Exodus 13:21.
O Divine, Thou who art called by the sages Amud Ha-Esh, and Thou who art our Pillar of Fire, may the forces of the princes of the earth and the elements of destructive nature make way for Thee who art the great deliverance and inspiration to all of life.
14 ARIK ANPIN (Hebrew). “Long Faced One, the Macroprosopus.”
Title used by medieval Jewish mystics for the face of God emanated into human creation. Used by the Jewish mystics and Kabbalists for the Face of God in the higher universe.
Divine Face, Arik Anpin, may the privilege of seeing beyond the veil of this life remind us of the image we had before we came into this life. May Thy image guide us through all difficulties and dramas as our face becomes highly reflective of Thy face of Light.
15 'ATTIQ YOMIN (Aramaic): “Ancient of Days.”
The expression found in Dan. 7:9, 13, 22 where the original Aramaic is preserved to explain the one who sits upon the Throne as the Divine.
O ‘Attiq Yomin who is there upon the Divine Throne, help us to comprehend the great Wonders that you see and to walk in the path of what you envision for all humanity.
16 AVINU MALKEINU (Hebrew). Personal Praise
expressed as “O Father, Our King”
Here we ask the Divine to allow blessings to come into our lives and allow these expressions to resound in our hearts as we proclaim the Kingdom,
Love and Presence of the Divine around us.
Beloved Avinu Malkeinu may you transmit your Kingdom and supernature along with all Your Wisdom into the Splendor of the Human Race.
17 BE-MIDBAR (Hebrew). “In the Wilderness”
The name for the ingathering of God’s people and their families according to divine numbers and division of the sacred science that binds the families on earth with those in heaven. The true name for the book of Numbers.
O, Be-midbar of life, we have walked through the desert and have called upon The Divine and now we ask Thee to call us into a higher plan and mission of divine identity and the higher priesthood of all believers.
18 BERESHITH BARA (Hebrew). “In the beginning.”
The affirmation of God’s identity in the opening words of Creation, that is, the first words of the book of Genesis which are an affirmation of the Divine function within all Life.
As Bereshith Bara, may these first words of our Creation signal for our souls the ongoing Divinity of Life and the divine privilege of knowing that there is a living higher creation behind this physical creation. Thou art Universal Mind, Creator and Redeemer of the Image. May we as Thy sons and daughters see the evidence of Light that we come from Thy Higher Evolution and not from the lower evolution of material illusion.
19 B’NAI ELOHIM (Hebrew). “The Sons of God” as referred
to in the Book of Job.
An expression of the Divine family in the higher spiritual worlds.
(e.g., Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7)
May the B’nai Elohim guide us and bless us in the newborn creations as aspiring sons and daughters on the path of the future Kingdom, the Heavenly Jerusalem.
20 CHOKMAH (Hebrew). “Wisdom”
The co-participant and co-creator with the Divine in the creation of the world, as personified in the Coptic Christian texts as the Divine feminine. Part of the higher quadtrinity of the Divine united with the Eternal Son.
(See especially Proverbs for Biblical references, e.g., Prov 9.)
O Divine Chokmah, may I be blessed with Thy revealed Wisdom so that Thy indwelling nature may cultivate a new mind with the gifts of self- realization and plentitude so that the mysteries connected with your I AM may unfold.
or “I will be what I will be.”
The profound revelation of one of G-d’s names in Exodus.
As revealed by Moses, the highest affirmation that can be made by the believer in conjunction with the living God.
(Exodus. 3:14)
O Divine Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, crown me with Binah, with Understanding,
that I may express Thy holy presence and indwelling nature of the Tree of Life in my life.
22 EL (Hebrew) God.
One of the early tribal names of God in the Near East expressed in the gatherings of the tribal leagues. It can be found over 250 times in the Old Testament.
(e.g., Gen. 7:1, 28:3, 35:11; Isa. 9:6; Ezek. 10:5. )
Divine El, Thy greatness is unfathomable. Thy sovereignty is the sovereignty of all worlds. With Thy right hand grant me your loving-kindness. Be Thou my guide and my blessing through the elevation of my life.
23 EL BRIT (Hebrew). “The Covenant.”
The living compact between the Divine and us as planetary pilgrims of the Divine who have recorded their expressions in the phonetic and musical expressions of sacred traditions.
(Josh 3:3)
El Brit, may The Covenant that Thou hast spoken to my forefathers and foremothers remind me of Thy victory and that of Thy hosts in the higher worlds so I may persevere in this vale of tears until Victory brings me out of the exile of my soul.
24 EL CHAI (Hebrew). “Living God.”
The God of the Living Creation who permeates all things.
(Josh 3:10)
O El Chai, manifest Thy living presence and Thy message of Love to me, a humble servant of this Thy planet within Thy myriad worlds.
25 EL ELOHE ISRAEL (Hebrew). “God, The God of Israel.”
The affirmation of the spiritual peoplehood of Light in this local creation connected with the altar of Jacob in Shecham—
Israel means he who contends with God until Victory.
(Gen 33:20)
In the depths of Thy Beloved Ones, O El Elohe Israel, may Thy love letter to Thy people known as the holy scripture be seen as a Holy Altar for all people of Light who are Thy spiritual Israel on earth and in the heavens.
26 EL ELYON (Hebrew). “The Most High God.”
According to some scholars when Israel was taken captive from Jerusalem to Babylon, scholars began to emphasize the name/nature of El Elyon because Yahweh laws could not be practiced in Babylon.
. (e.g., Gen 14:18; Ps 9:2; 82:6)
O El Elyon, May Thy presence celebrated in the communion between Abraham of the earth and Melchizedek of the heavens be celebrated anew in my work for the greater priesthood between heaven and earth. May Thou help me in the overcoming of the corrupting spirits of the earth. May we remember that we are sons and daughters of the Most High God.
27 EL GIBBOR (Hebrew). “God of Strength” or “Mighty God.”
The affirmation of a God of the tribal league or manifesting for the frontier people in the deserts, mountains, and jungles of the world. The God who works through the synergy of fellowship under the rigors of life.
( Is. 10:21; Jer. 32:18)
O Divine Power we call El Gibbor, may Thou help me understand in my weakness the mysteries of the smallest particle of Light that expresses the fullness of a billion suns that awaits the Sons and Daughters who will be the new Adams and Eves.
28 EL RACHMAN (Arabic). “Merciful God” or “God of Compassion.”
The living nature of the God who loves and forgives He people.
May the great God of Mercy and Compassion,
The One who is El Rachman, extend Divine Purpose and Love to the worlds of physical form from the worlds of emanation through Power and Majesty of the five natures of the God which are revealed.
29 EL ROI (Hebrew). “God of Seeing.”
The God of Omnipotence and Omnidirectional vision through the Divine Eye.
(e.g., Genesis 16:13)
O El Roi, may Thy sight enable Thy servants in all towns and countries the power to seek true brotherhood and sisterhood by seeing through the transparency of life. We know Thy living nature of awareness probes the depths of the psyche and the heights of all Cosmoses.
30 EL SALI (Hebrew). “God of My Rock.”
The Strength of the Divine who maintains us through all our trials and tribulations.
(Psalm 42:10)
May the eternal Godhead that purifies and manifests life as El Sali, become as a strength for all creation so that a pathway of pure Light that can prepare the way for all beings who wish to ascend to Thy glorious throne.
Ich selber suche jedoch ein anderes Buch:
"Die Evangelien in aramaeischer Sicht" von Lamsa George M.
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Uebrigens, wenn die Moslems und die Christen sich gemeinsam auf die aramaische Sprache geeinigt haetten, haetten sie verstanden, dass sie Brueder sind und den gleichen Gott anbeten!

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