mass hypnosis explained


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14. Oktober 2003
Based on scientific data it's an 1:1. Neither regular scientists nor regular astrologers have an interests to proove for or against astrological influences as one or the other worked for far over 2000 years perfectly to feed them. I would like to call upon ratio to distinguish between what binds one by illusion and what is really necessary as f.e. getting out of the sun when your skin starts to turn red rather than when your horoscope shows a "high sun influence". As you admit you "believe" into astrological influences (and you wrote about proving experiences elsewhere that i dare to put very in question). Maybe you are confident enough to also admit that your rest of reasoning is only rhetoric (and apparently only semi-perfect, too) and supports rather your income, while your income through astrology blocks your efforts (and interest) to do serious research.

As far i know sepher yetzira is directly written as a key to the torah and only that and there is the one true version that is used by the golden dawn as an eternal wisdom, where any occult influence is of the same strength at any time, only modified by time as mind allows. If there was written "use in relation to birth time", it would be different but looking for symmetries in a week is misleading just as the order of the letters in the cube is anything other than symmetrical. Already little research on the names of the weekdays and the gods allegedly connected with them reveals that these connections are very incongruent and only supported by the mainstream like a language.

Neither do i earn or have i earned money for anything i write or publish, nor depends any of my life or income on it. My motivations are only idealistic, a desire for truth. I like to question the claims of the pope and church who themselfes question astrology (no, they don't really question it, they just call it evil which is a very very simple rhetoric that almost only works within their own system though). The "Time Masster System" that i discovered, see and explanation on , may be the device that makes yeziratic prediction possible at all and over nature, provided that the client is hypnotised to understand himself being part of that system (Gematria of Jesus: 888, occurs 888 times in NT, would result in an artifical synchronicity through mass sub-consciousness).

One who understands that this system is man made and that there is no binding to 3761 BC, 1 AD or to Planets and birth time other than the ones established through this system and the torah and the magic that is done every day by jews and church people who recite bible verses, is free. Yes, any "astrological influence that is in sync with the planets" stems not from the cosmos but from the torah and torah reading. This is why the torah is called a weapon and why there are the planetary cycles embedded into it. In fact the church (who are the same time masters as the jews) takes advantage of the same suggestive complex aka astrology or JW that they forbid their sheep to look at. This may seem indeed evil, though a human created evil similar to slavery and who knows about it and who looks through it can be free from it by just turning the tables.

I admit that these claims are speculative and unproven but on the other hand I see them as the most rational explanation of the entire area, that account strong for what i use to know about magic.