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We´ll rock the devil!!!

Dieses Thema im Forum "Aufgeschrieben" wurde erstellt von BilligKarma, 29. Mai 2007.

  1. BilligKarma

    BilligKarma Mitglied

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    8. Dezember 2005
    Sauerland / NRW
    We´ll rock the devil!!!

    hanging around - watching the time flow by,
    wondering how this could happen to you,
    sometimes it seems that I feel your presence.
    Whish it could be real, feel so useless without you.

    Whish I could turn back time only for one day!!!
    Together we would rock like in older times...
    Thank you so much you showed me Rock´n Roll.

    Why do you had to go? Where are you now?
    Whish I could see ya have a fucking good time

    You will stay in the best place of my hert forever,
    Till we will rock again in another world together,
    Whish there is a way to say you I love you,
    Whish you can see me and read my mind..

    Every day the moment we see us back comes closer,
    Every second, every minute, every our, every breath,
    we will turn up the amps and rock in heaven,
    as loud as an amp in heaven can be
    We will have all the time we have lost.
    With burning guitars and glowing strings,
    we will rock the fucking hell out of the world.

    Drinking Whiskey and laughing about our time,
    looking to the chicks feeling the spirit of rock,

    we will rock up every fucking soul in heaven,
    And if devils amp sounds louder we ´ll rock the fuckn hell.

    Hope there is Jacki on the rocks in heaven!!!!

    Thinking of you

    Cheers PePpy

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