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Reincarnationtherapy in New York, USA

Dieses Thema im Forum "Angebote" wurde erstellt von Feeli, 29. April 2007.

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    For all users overseas:

    Reincarnationtherapy is a therapeutic method that believes that your actual problem relies to one (or more) past lives. By traveling back to these scenes and feelings once more you are able to transform the “law of karma” and regain the native freedom of love and light.

    The word "karma" comes from the Sanskrit verb kri, to do. Although karma means action, it also means the result of action. Whatever acts we have performed and whatever thoughts we have thought have created an impression, both in our minds and in the universe around us. The universe gives back to us what we have given to it.
    If our thoughts are predominantly those of kindness, love, and compassion, our character reflects it, and these very thoughts will be returned to us sooner or later. If we send out thoughts of hatred, anger, or pettiness, those thoughts will also be returned to us.

    Do I have to believe in “reincarnation”? Not necessarily.
    This procedure gives you the possibility to displace yourselves from the scenes and pictures your subconscious mind brings up so you are able to reintegrate it better in your daily live.

    Total costs: USD 160
    Place: 600 Clarence Avenue, Bronx NY 10465

    For registration please don’t hesitate to contact Roswitha under following number:
    Home: 718 684 7736
    (Cell: 914 5751974)

    For specific questions or information please don’t hesitate to contact me (Eve) under following e-mail:

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