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Alchemy of Life

Dieses Thema im Forum "Aufgeschrieben" wurde erstellt von brightstar, 26. April 2009.

  1. brightstar

    brightstar Guest


    ich bin grad auf eine meiner "Jugendsuenden" (ca. 10 Jahre her) gestossen- und dachte ich stell das jetzt hier mal rein :).

    Liebe Gruesse,



    Alchemy of Life


    What does it take to destroy- to create?
    One mind tracing back its origin.


    Bright burning affection searching for flaming connection
    fiery possession of mind and of soul.
    Ashes of security
    blown over the oval round
    of some arena of my consciousness.

    Fighters for fire- burning desire
    turning to nothing but ashen rests.

    Peace of mind lost forever- burnt down to the ground
    of my love and my will to survive.
    Destruction of hopes
    dissolution of dreams.
    Great goals always lying behind.

    Fighters for fire- burning desire
    turning to nothing but ashen rests.

    Consumed by the flames without hope to be saved
    slow dying ways out of my life.
    In my heart creeping cold
    substitution of all
    that I ever had dreamt of before.

    Fighters for fire- burning desire
    turning to nothing but ashen rests.

    Hope in ashes remains- ashen hope.


    No mirrored image- a mind engraved in water,
    a salty sea of life waiting to swallow
    itself in the process-
    the process of disintegration.

    No shattered face- a restless philosopher's stone
    thrown into oceans of tears and turmoil
    that are taking away
    all kind of form and fascination.

    Shapes transforming to shades- and it means so much more
    than a character turned upside down
    in this melting vessel
    of boiling insanity.


    What if we assume
    a message of fall
    in every leaf
    that is driven away
    by the wind to an unknown direction?

    Destination then found-
    just to cover the ground
    with a veil of delicate darkness-
    dried energy in transition.

    Rustling carpet of death.
    A slow decomposition
    of substance that was once
    meant to bring life out of light.

    Destiny thus found-
    just to find out how nature
    takes over, turns over the cover
    in a movement of vivid creation.

    Rustling carpet of life.
    A slow decomposition
    of substance that is just
    meant to bring life into light.

    And for one frozen moment
    let us look at the image-
    this incredible
    wisdom of death and of change
    might teach us a lesson.


    Anima candida:
    escaping the flames of reason-
    growing out of that precious cocoon,
    yet, one broken chain left behind.

    Daring white soul:
    now flying on crystal wings-
    breathing the essence of life.
    Her feathers delicately spread.

    Restless spirit of strength:
    reaching out for some silver horizon-
    out of sight out of mind,
    one single vague memory left.

    Anima candida:
    rising high to that fountain of life-
    filled with joy, filled with fear.
    A prodigal daughter back home:

    Shining creature of love-
    it is time to rejoice.


    Single tears- successfully suppressed at first-
    but soon those words appeared
    and hurtful thoughts.
    Thoughts never meant to kill or to do harm.

    Small injuries must hide behind affection,
    and yet so many scars ripped up-
    continued cruelty.
    One great accomplishment of self-destruction.

    A slowly poisoned love.

    I wake to find the dying body of this love
    is giving birth to three more tortured lives-
    a stinging pain felt in the center
    of a heart, a mind, a soul.

    And yet, I know, one tiny little spark
    will glow forever in the darkness, deep inside-
    just waiting to illuminate
    my way back home.


    Dark memories revive.

    A precious veil of silken dreams
    exposed to violent strength
    of mind and man and misery-
    fragility brought to an end.

    Dark memories revive.

    A half-created universe:
    one resting spirit's soul
    gives soil and sea and sanctity-
    touched by celestial glow.

    Dark memories revive.

    A substance- breathing life- awakes:
    aware of hidden means
    of fight and fear and fallacy-
    destruction of a dream.

    Dark memories revive.

    One half-forlorn identity
    now torn between the fields
    of hope, of healing harmony
    and all-consuming guilt.

    Dark memories revive.

    A half-created universe
    remains in every soul
    with soil and sea and sanctity-
    touched by celestial glow.

    Dark memories revive.

    A precious veil of silken dreams:
    reminder of this strength
    of man and mind in misery-
    fragility brought to an end.

    And memories survive.



    Invisible caresses- touchable,
    tangible- leading to a land
    of incredible delight.

    Soft and sensual kisses of beings belonging
    together- so distant but so connected yet.


    A spirit touching a soul-
    a soul welcoming a spirit,
    dissolution of borders- a body saved.

    Two separated worlds merging in one
    single moment of enlightened night.


    Closing your eyes to see
    a path in the darkness
    of anxieties and doubts.

    A guarding light showing a way to follow
    so easy- so hard to comprehend

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